Opportunities in MCB. Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Undergraduate and Graduate student job opportunities can be explored using the menu links to the right.    URA/USRA/MCB-SRA summer positions are advertised in January of each year, while GTA positions are advertised a few months before the beginning of each semester.  Additional Information will be posted here and/or on the MCB Home page during those application periods.


  1. One MSc or PhD graduate student position available in Dr. Yankulov's laboratory. The successful candidate will work in the area of epigenetics - see details
  2. One MSc. graduate student position is available with Dr. L Mutharia and with the Fish Health Laboratory (MCB) to study Flavobacterium branchiophilum and Bacterial Gill Disease - see details
  3. Graduate student position (molecular virology and biotechnology) available with Prof. B. Meng - see details
  4. One PhD graduate student position is available immediately with Prof. R. T. Mullen to study various aspects of plant cell biology - see details
  5. One postdoctoral position in neuroscience/stem cell biology is available in the laboratory of Prof. Scott Ryan at the University of Guelph - see details